Thursday, July 9, 2009

Am I wasting my time?

Many Jewish skeptics in the blogosphere have encountered Jewish Philosopher, who purports to represent authentic Judaism and discredit aetheism and evolution. Those of you who have encountered his blog are familiar with the belligerent, intellectually dishonest and bigoted nature of his posts. Furthermore, since his comments are moderated, he controls the discussion and uses every dirty trick in the book to "win" his debates.

Many have suggested ignoring him. Perhaps these people are right, and paying any attention to him is a waste of time, since he convinces nobody and is essentially harmless. Furthermore, some theorize that JP is actually an atheists and writes his comically idiotic posts to intentionally discredit OJ.

Nonethess, I think it actually might be fun to post counter-posts to his posts, without having to go in circles with him in the comments process. JP is the perfect "straw man" for us skeptics to knock down, disprove, discredit and otherwise just having a good time abusing.

I therefore plan on writing posts to this blog in response to his posts. I will leave comments unmoderated, even to JP himself, so go ahead, comment away. I won't necessarily feel the need to answer every comment.


Anonymous said...

This is a great idea, we can all just comment on his posts here instead of on his site. Thank you.

Rich Perkins said...

Good luck in this endeavor. Anything that discredits that nutjob is worthwhile.

DrJ said...

Thanks for your support.
I wonder if we can lure JP himself to comment
and we can play by OUR rules :)