Tuesday, October 20, 2009

JP's Anti-Zionist Rhetoric

The Heredi communities, in the US and Israel, are not monolithic. Some are less Zionist than others. For example, Israel's Sefardi heredi community is very zionistic and tends to be politically nationalistic. On the other hand, some Ashkenazi communities are not so enthusiastic about the State of Israel, to say the least. Some Hasidic sects, such as toldot aharon or neturei karta, and violently anti-zionist.

JP's self-righteous but wrong-headed approach to Israel is often heard by members of the ashkenazi ultra-orthodox community. As is well known, most of the ultra-orthodox world, as well as the reform movement, was opposed to the creation of a Jewish state, but for different reasons. The reform movement was busy assimilating and saw no point in promoting the zionist project which would separate Jews from the gentiles of the world. The orthodox were opposed for ideological and practical reasons.

JP, as we know, is in the business of making unprovable predictions and using them as evidence in his arguments. We read things like, "If atheists prevail, humans will self-destruct". Or, "skeptics and atheists will burn in hell", etc.

Now he makes a prediction about Israel.

"Without the support of the US in ignoring the UN, I don't think it has much chance."

People said that 60 years ago, and Israel is infinitely stronger militarily, economically and diplomatically than it was then. Current events are a blip on the screen. The Arabs have gotten stronger only with their terrorist weapons (ie rockets) and their oil wealth that can't militarily defeat a country.

Regarding Iran, even if they get a nuclear weapon, Israel can destroy them many times over, and therefore it is likely that they won't use it. (just as Saddam didn't use WMDs on Israel).

To be sure, the next war in Israel might be nasty, with civilians taking a big hit. But that doesn't defeat a country.

In the 21st century, assymetric guerilla warfare in urban areas is the norm, and defeats and victories are moral and psychological. This is what Israel and the West are dealing with now. No more pitched tank battles and aerial dogfights. Now its house to house combat, and rockets on civilians. Israeli is coping better with this threat than any other country.

Many people have predicted that a holocaust in America is only a matter of time. (I don't believe this prediction nor JP's). So I've given up on predictions, and I don't listen do anybody else's either.

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