Sunday, August 9, 2009

"We're Going to Play a Game"

Those of you who have seen the Saw movies recognize the title of this post as the chilling introduction to each of Jigsaw's sadistic experiments with his victims. I thought that the first two movies were among the most frightening movies that I have seen. But anyway, back to JP bashing...

Let's do a mental experiment. Let's assume the Kantian idea of categorical imperative, and that one's ethical position is only ethical if applied to everybody. Imagine that all Jews were like JP. Or even better, the world was actually governed by JP's philosophy. What would the world look like?

We would have god-driven holocausts every few years as punishment for man's sins.

We would relentlessly pursue homosexuals and give them the death penalty.

We would be prosecuting and stoning blashphemers, heretics, atheists and anybody else who abandoned religion.

Children would be made ill or killed because of their parents heresy.

Many, or most of our loved ones who have died, would continue to exist as souls who are burning forever in hell, or at best, just floating around with the other dead people.

No modern economy could exist because interest would be illegal.

Since the Torah and rabbis are the sole and ultimate source of knowledge, there would be no need for scientific research and development, and therefore all of our scientific, technological, and medical state of affairs would be rolled back thousands of years.

One half of the human population, the women, would be relegated to serve the other half of the population. Any immodestly dressed woman is asking to be raped, since we know that men can't control their urges. Therefore, women must make sure not to entice men. They would not be allowed to vote, hold public office, or in any way have authority over a man. Young girls could be involuntarily married off at their father's will.

It would make life in Iran look like paradise.


E-Man said...

Isn't that life in Afganistan?

DrJ said...

Unfortunately yes (although at least in theory it is supposed to be a democracy...)